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Karen swallowed two paracetamol tablets and slipped into the warm bath. She enjoyed the soothing nature feeling of the water so much that she decided to spend a few minutes soaking in the relaxation before she would use the razor blade she prepared for her arms. One week ago she could never have imagined that she would want to take her life in such a way. She was healthy, had a job that she did not hate, a growing Youtube channel and Liam, her good locking boyfriend from Hinge. …

Emma sat on the sofa, one hand twitching and the other one gripping a kitchen knife in anticipation. She blinked manically in a vain attempt to sooth her stinging bloodshot eyes. A battered paperback book lay on the table in front of her, next to a crumpled note and the Chinese takeaway menu in which the note came enclosed. ‘Tuesday 13th March. 5am’ was scrawled in black ink on the note.

Emma reached deep into her jeans pocket before remembering that she had to ditch her phone back at what she used to call her home. She sighed and glanced…

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Nostalgia has weighed heavily on my mind during the Coronavirus pandemic. The most recent example of this occurred when I was on my daily state-sanctioned walk outdoors. I was walking past the gym that I had been going to regularly for years up until the pandemic forced the UK government to order non-essential establishments, such as gyms, to shut their doors.

The sight of the abandoned ghost gym with its doors locked shut filled me with sadness. It was a sadness that felt like a black hole in my stomach that was eating me up from the inside out.


One of many posters showing the UKs appreciation for the National Health Service (NHS)

If you live in the UK (or have followed the UK news), you will know that the British public have adopted a new weekly ‘Clap For Our Carers’ tradition. Every Thursday at 8pm, people all across the land step out of their front doors and clap (or make noise with whatever instruments/kitchen equipment they can find).

This gesture is the British people’s way of expressing their love, respect and gratitude for all the brave National Health Service (NHS) staff fighting on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19.

I, for one, enthusiastically took part in the first week of…

Photography from Pexels

The Coronavirus pandemic has plunged the world into its most severe economic crisis since the Great Depression. Individuals and businesses have been hit by collapsing demand, unemployment, slashed wages and a bleak economic outlook. This stems from governments mandating most of their populations to stay home to stunt the spread of the virus.

Whilst this economic deep freeze has touched almost every section of society, I want to explore how it has impacted creatives and people working in the creative industries. This includes the following (to name just a few):

  • Writers
  • Artists
  • Designers
  • Marketers & advertisers
  • Performance artists (including singers…

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I am saddened to say that my Paternal Grandmother passed away over Easter. She died suddenly in her sleep at the age of 103 (not due to Coronavirus). To make matters worse, none of us could travel to India, where my Grandmother lived, due to the Coronavirus lock down.

My families cultural norms mean that funerals take place very soon after someone passes away. …

Photography from JESHOOTS.com

As Ash aimlessly forked his kidney bean dinner, he wondered whether the rogue drones ravaging the skies or the two people at the table would murder him first.

Adam and Jasmine sat to his left and right, respectively. Their only light source was a small scented candle. It illuminated their faces enough for Ash to peek the two of them glancing at him and then each other several times throughout the silent meal.

Normally, the candle light would cause a glint off Jasmine’s wedding ring. Tonight, however, the only glint came from Ash’s ring. He suppressed a bitter grin. …

Photography by Eugene Shelestov at pexels.com

Around four weeks into the COVID-19 lock down, I had a sad realisation: the year 2020 is effectively over. For the next few months (or maybe longer), our lives will be limited to staying at home and/or work.

We are now in an extended holding pattern. Even if social distancing ends before December 2020, we then have to heal the societal, cultural, psychological and economic scars left behind. That work could take a generation.

I already knew social distancing would likely continue for months. We were warned by the World Health Organisation and numerous experts (I ignored the politicians who…

Tottenham Hotspur FC Crest

I fell in love with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club since my childhood in the late 90s/early 2000’s. Growing up an outcast, I developed an affinity with this outcast club who were the butt of all jokes (“Lads, it’s Tottenham…”). I embraced my freak status as a loyal COYS while growing up in East London, among Manchester United fans.

I do not support Spurs because I am masochistic. I will admit, though, that being a Spurs fan feels like having a best friend who is awesome to hang out with but always turns up an hour later than the time you…

Photography from Pexels

As Ash walked home at 1:30 in the morning, he had a feeling someone was watching him. Although he was glad to have stopped off at McDonalds for a post-night out takeaway, he now regretted the extra walking distance home. It also did not help that the night was bitingly cold and the whistle of the wind often sounded like faint voices.

He ate some more of his fries. The warmth and smell of salted deep fried potato eased his mind slightly. Ash looked all around as he walked and was satisfied that no one else was around. He felt…

Ash Raavan

Storyteller with an interest in how systems & institutions impact normal people. I also write fiction. Editor of Crunch Days Magazine www.crunchdays.com

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